Our Commitment

We, as a cooperative of orchardists have one very important common denominator - we have all invested our lives, our passion and everything we are into our chosen field - orcharding.

We have lived & breathed this passion each day for as long as we can remember as we strive to produce fruit that surpasses all other fruit. Fruit that when eaten makes people stop and appreciate a good apple or a great cherry. While we are at the mercy of mother nature, we believe that mother nature is essentially good and while she tests us from time to time, it's the moments when mother nature smiles on us that makes our personal investment all the more worthwhile.

Apple CratesWe believe that far too often these days it is you, the consumer, that is getting let down by the fruit you purchase. Too often you are being told to shop with your eyes or shop on price by the supermarkets. Far too often we hear that fruit that has left our farmgate in pristine condition and then sits in warehouses untouched for days because of poor stock rotation and handling or inadequate cool storage facilities. Too often we see fruit on supermarket shelves that barely resembles the fruit that left our farmgate.

It leaves us with no other option than to make the following commitments to you, our consumers:

  1. We will invest whatever it takes to produce the best possible crop of fruit from our orchards for your eating enjoyment.
  2. We want to rekindle that love affair for apples and cherries of the highest quality between consumer and fruit.
  3. We want to eradicate the pot luck of choosing a good apple from a bad apple - we want to assure you that all apples that carry our Orange Apples "Kissed by Nature" brand will deliver the quality that you are looking for every time.
  4. We will do more to ensure stores who stock our fruit handle our fruit the same way we handle it - with utmost care.
  5. We will share our knowledge and experiences with you more often so we can establish a closer connection with you to better understand what you want from us and not what the supermarket wants.

Our Commitment